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Pizza By Design


The demand for quality pizza is growing and so is PieWorks, named a “Hot 100 Independent” by Pizza Today.  We are seeking franchisees throughout the South.  PieWorks requires its restaurants to be located in areas that can participate in Dine-in, Take-out, and Delivery markets.


New Investors
Individuals or organizations interested in opening a PieWorks Pizza By Design Franchise must meet the following minimum characteristics:


    • You or a member of your team must have restaurant management experience
    • Minimum financial net worth of $500,000 with liquidity of $100,000
    • Knowledge of real estate and trade areas in your desired markets
    • Enthusiasm, drive and passion for the food business


If you will not be the day-to-day operator, you will have to hire an experienced manager who must be approved by PieWorks.


Franchise Cost Information
Initial Franchise Fee:  $50,000
Development Fee:  (if you choose to develop multiple units in an exclusive geographic area)
The development fee is individually negotiated to each geographic area based on a variety of factors, including the number and location of Franchised Restaurants to be developed, an evaluation of market conditions such as market penetration of Franchised Restaurants and Company-Owned Restaurants, the area’s size, population, and per capita income, and other demographic and psychographics data.
Royalty Fee:  The continuing royalty fee is 4% of gross sales.
Marketing Fee:  The continuing marketing fee is 3% of gross sales.
The Concept is Casual.
The Potential is Unlimited.
How To Apply…
Request franchise application by calling us at (318) 682-4053.

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